Foam Mattress

Group 216

Medium Comfort

Perfect for working professionals and single sleepers.

Group 163

Soft Bounce

SRTx Tech

SRTx Technology

Orthopaedic Support

Orthopaedic Support

Dust Mite Free

Dust Mite Free

Group 163

Soft Bounce 3 Fold

SRTx Tech

SRTx Technology

Orthopaedic Support

Orthopaedic Support

Dust Mite Free

Dust Mite Free

Expert craftsmanship for unbeatable comfort

Discover Why You’ll Sleep Your Best On An Sleep Spa Mattress

Group 188

Happier Mornings

Comfortable 8 hours of sleep that makes you rejuvenated and energetic every morning.

Layer 2

Targeted Pressure Relief

Unique material construction to maximise support.


Temperature Regulation

Say bye to sweaty nights and enjoy deeper sleep.

spinal support

Spinal Support

Designed to support your back and maintain the natural curve of the spine.

Group 195

Great Sleep For Years To Come

Mattresses that last 30% longer than other offline and online mattresses in India.


Free Doorstep Delivery

No extra delivery charges or no doorstep delivery promise.

Sleep Spa Foam Mattress

Supportive for all age groups

High Density Support Core for Long Lasting Durability

Budget friendly and value for money



Other Foam Mattress in India

Not designed keeping in mind comfort, only cheap raw materials

Lasts only 3-4 months

Only budget friendly without any value for money

FAQ's for Foam Mattress

All our foam mattresses are certified. To put it on paper, we have ISO, ISI, Oeko Tex, Euro Latex, DAkkS, IAF & ISPF certifications.

Purchasing a foam mattress online can be tricky.

Foam mattresses might cost you less but the comfort and support you get it pricesless. Specially, if you are spectical about buying a mattress online, then a foam mattress is definetely better than a cotton gadda.

No Questions about it! Sleep Spa Foam Mattresses are the best foam mattress online. Try it now.

We are not here to talk to about other foam mattresses but a Sleep Spa foam mattress can never get bed bugs. Each of our mattress is treated with Herb Fresh Technology which keeps your mattress safe from bed bugs, dust mite, bacteria, virus, etc.

Absolutely! We have 2 variants in foam mattress. You can either opt for a Soft bounce foam mattress which can be used a floor bed or a mattress on a bed. Our second variant is a foldable foam mattress. It is easy to carry, light weight, easy to store and save space. You can check out our Soft Bounce 3 fold mattress, if you are looking for one such option.

Our foam mattresses are designed with SRTx Technology which proffers orthopaedic support to every sleeper. So you rest assured, these foam mattresses are good for your back.

They are the best low price mattress online. Talking about Sleep Spa foam mattresses, the price range starts from as low as Rs. 2,999. So, it’s to invest less and save more with Sleep Spa.