Sleep Spa Premium Orthopaedic Memory Foam With Cool Gel Mattress

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Leaning towards the soft end of the spectrum, this cool gel memory foam mattress is cool, comfortable and built for healthy spinal alignment.The memory foam mattress is induced with cool gel that keeps the mattress cool even during hot summer nights. This will allow you to sleep without waking up in the middle of the night. With extensive 7 years warranty, Cool Gel Memory foam mattress is perfect for those who are not a fan of sweaty wake-ups, even in winters. 


Sleep Spa Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is all that you need for a sound sleep. A quality product offered by the house of Coirfit Mattress. Coirfit is a reputed brand in the market today. It has a legacy of more than 30 years in mattress business.

This mattress comprises of Memory Foam which moulds to the body’s shape for a comfortable night’s sleep. Memory foam also eliminates the creation of any kind of pressure points on the body enhancing your comfort. This mattress works in a very technical way to achieve a very basic objective: restful, pain-free sleep.

An ordinary mattress cannot provide the extra comfort and coolness that your body requires for getting comfortable sleep. That’s why it is recommended by many that you should replace your old mattress with a brand new gel foam mattress. The gel foam mattress is induced with gel that keeps the mattress cool even during hot summer nights. This will allow you to sleep without waking up in the middle of the night. 

5 Benefits of Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

-Keeps Your Mattress Cool: According to a research conducted by sleeping experts, cool temperature is best for getting a good night’s sleep. If your mattress or room is not cool enough, it can disturb your sleep and make your nights miserable. By using a gel memory foam mattresses, you can get a good night’s sleep as it keeps your mattress cool throughout the night. A gel memory foam mattress does not trap heat like latex or an ordinary foam mattress. Gel memory foam mattresses are made using open cell technology. This technology helps in air circulation and keeps your mattress cool.

-Comfortable Surface: A gel memory foam mattress provides a comfortable surface for you to get a good night’s sleep. The motion transfer resistance feature of the gel memory foam mattress ensures your sleep is not disturbed whenever your partner tosses and turns in the bed. It gives you a luxurious feeling and allows you to sleep fast by relaxing your pressure points.

-Pressure Relief: Whether you like to sleep sideways or sleep on your front, it is important for the mattress to provide additional support to your body parts and keep your pressure points relaxed. If the pressure points are not relaxed, it can cause body aches and muscle pains and prevent you from sleeping. The special feature of the gel memory foam mattress will help to eliminate the pressure points as it cradles to your body. You will get maximum support for your spinal cord and neck and this allows you to fall asleep faster. For a fresh morning, it is important that your spinal cord gets enough rest.

-Environment Friendly: Today, more and more people are interested in using environmental friendly products in their day to day life. The gel induced memory foam mattresses are environmental friendly and does not contain any toxic substance that can harm your skin and body.

-Suitable For All: Because gel memory foam mattresses do not contain any toxic substances, they are suitable for all kinds of people. This means you can use a gel memory foam mattress for your kids, aged parents and for yourself without any worry.

Every Sleep Spa product is carefully built to deliver exceptional quality. Right from the materials used, to detailed quality checks, to thoughtful improvements, quality is at the core of everything we do. Sleep light and comfortable on a Sleep Spa Mattress.

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